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My Approach

POWER Skills that fuel your career

To rise to the top of your field, you need a strong suite of executive assistant skills ranging from technical to administrative. But more than that, you need the interpersonal skills that will help you become a trusted partner and advisor to your boss.

I call these your POWER Skills. The (anything but) soft skills that allow you to be effective, not just efficient and allow you to show up as a Linchpin Assistant.

The Knowing Framework and the EA Competency Model are the foundation of my approach to executive assistant skill development. I'll help you become a high-performing professional EA that knows how to:

  • Solve problems before they arise
  • Balance tight deadlines
  • Anticipate the needs and protect the time of your boss
  • Maintain mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships
  • Contribute to the strategic vision of your organisation

When you work with me, you're taking the first step toward a happier, more productive and more rewarding career.

Liz Van Vliet - My EA Career

You'll have the confidence to provide the level of support your boss needs and expects.

Four Critical Pillars

Linchpin Assistants are...

My research and experience training and coaching assistants, as well as interviewing and engaging with the business leaders they support have convinced me there are FOUR pillars that underpin the Linchpin Assistant.

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Commit to Success

Executive assistant skills that help you become the EA you want to be

Before I teach you the executive assistant skills you need to become a linchpin to your boss, we start by understanding the bigger picture. I purposefully developed The Knowing Framework to guide you through five key areas that help you spend more time showing up as a Linchpin Assistant.

My EA Career The knowing assistant framework with TM symbol
  • Knowing Yourself – My EA Career

    Knowing Yourself

    Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Self-reflection on goals and aspirations. Your unique value proposition. 

  • Knowing your POWER executive assistant skills

    Knowing Your POWER Skills

    Knowing the soft skills that will POWER you in your role. Putting them into practice. Honing your superpower.

  • Knowing your organisation – My EA Career

    Knowing Your Organisation

    Knowing who does what, why they do it, and why it's important. 

  • Knowing Your Manager – Executive assistant skills

    Knowing Your Manager

    Knowing what makes your boss tick. How to deepen your understanding and what to do with the information.

  • Executive Assistant Skills – Knowing Your Job – My EA Career

    Knowing Your Job

    Knowing the tasks you need to be effective and to be seen as delivering in your role. Developing a plan to improve your functional capability.

Optimise Your Value

Executive Assistant Skills - The EA Competency Model

The road to your success starts here

The EA Competency Model categorises executive assistants and administrative assistants based on their competencies. Which quadrant an EA fits into is determined by a set of characteristics like aptitude, development, mindset and experience.

It doesn't matter where you sit in this model, with my coaching and training, you've got the ability to level up and become a linchpin.

10 executive assistant POWER skills to turn your career around

  • Communicate with self-awareness

    so you can better advocate for and support your boss by executing their agenda and priorities

  • Negotiate for mutual benefit

    and be in a better position to collaborate with stakeholders and achieve outcomes that align with your boss's strategic vision

  • Influence without authority

    so you can become an effective leader and influencer who brings people onboard to support your requests and the goals of your boss

  • Manage up

    and make your job easier by strengthening the partnership and collaboration you have with your boss

  • Engage in difficult conversations

    so you can confidently tackle and resolve situations as successfully as possible

  • Show up as leader

    so you can motivate and drive others to contribute to the strategic vision of your boss and your organisation

  • Accept feedback

    so you can become more productive, reach the top of your game and help your boss succeed

  • Provide feedback

    to help others learn and inspire them to reach their full potential so you can increase productivity across the team

  • Make decisions

    and apply critical thinking so your boss can count on you to make quality judgement calls, handle more complex tasks and, ultimately, protect their time

  • Self-manage

    and master your own time at the same time as effectively managing your boss's schedule and agenda

'What I know is that without developing your POWER skills you aren't capable of stepping up into that top quadrant and being truly respected and valued for the contribution you make.'

Liz Van Vliet, Founder My EA Career

Liz Van Vliet - My EA Career

Winning Outcomes

Executive assistant skills that give you the competitive edge

I work with talented EAs who:

Want to feel less reactive and enjoy their job more

Want to feel appreciated and valued

Seek increased responsibilities

Would like the confidence to be more authoritative and influential

Are very capable on the technical side of their role but need a soft skills boost to help them better support their boss

Are very capable technically but need extra Power Skills to help them support their executive

Want to show up as a leader and better contribute to their boss's goals and their organisation's vision.

Outcomes for EAs:

A level of trust and confidence that was previously not possible

Clearer career goals and an agreed-upon pathway to achieve them

Better ability to advocate for yourself

Higher performance levels and an increased awareness of how to deliver more value

A more developed and mindful leadership style

Being a strategically effective linchpin in your organisation

Outcomes for bosses and organisations:

A more agile, productive and responsive EA to support your strategic priorities

An EA that protects your time and makes quality decisions on your behalf, relieving the top-down burden you often face

An EA that's better equipped to overcome difficult situations and lead through influence

Stronger team and stakeholder engagement and collaboration

Full support from talented and dynamic executive assistants that add to the success of the organisation's endeavours

Client Love

Liz Is an inspiring and forward thinking leader who has strong and solid skills as a trainer and expertise in developing EAs ability to be effective through improving their communication and influencing skills.

Sonia Petersen

Senior EA to the Board, Stowe Australia

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Liz Van Vliet

Liz works with executive and administrative assistants to equip them with the skills and confidence they need to influence more effectively and to demonstrate the leadership and interpersonal skills to make them a linchpin to their boss and organisation.