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The Be a Linchpin blog helps executive assistants learn, grow and navigate the all-encompassing nature of their role

Be A Linchpin

The My EA Career blog: Insightful executive assistant advice and practical knowledge

Imagine having the confidence to tackle any situation in your role, head on. Imagine you’ve got practical information at your fingertips and it’s backed by trusted, expert advice from someone that’s walked in your shoes. Someone that gets you and knows the complexities and pressures of working in an ever-changing role.

I’m really proud to introduce you to the My EA Career Blog, Be a Linchpin. Here you’ll find articles to guide you on your EA journey and help you develop the crucial skills you need to be successful. Each article is easy to read and understand and will empower you to stand out and stand up so you can become more than just an assistant. 

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Putting Your Best Font Forward

Why It’s Time To Boss Up Your Assistant Brand On a nearly daily basis I drive across something called the Spit Bridge.  It’s at a spot on Middle Harbour (an arm of Sydney Harbour) called not surprisingly “The Spit” and connects Sydney’s Lower North Shore to what’s known as the Northern Beaches. These suburbs run…

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The Time I Threw Myself Off A Ladder

My phone buzzed as I was out for my morning walk last Monday.  When I’m exercising I keep it tucked in my bra nestled up against my fake right breast.  In case you weren’t aware, I had breast cancer and my real breasts were trying to kill me.  The buzzing of my phone was a…

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Building Anything New Takes Time

It’s a stunning day here in Sydney today. We’re still in winter but it’s 19 degrees Celsius (66 degrees Fahrenheit) and our front porch is the perfect place to sit and eat my lunch. I’ve been out for a walk this morning with our dog Sally and absorbed the sights and sounds of Manly beach.…

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The ONE Thing You Must Have To Be Indispensable

One hundred and eleven episodes ago and what feels a LONG….LONG…LONG time ago I started a podcast called Being Indispensable. I was a novice at podcasting. A proverbial babe in the podcasting woods but I was so eager to learn.   The same could be said for the job I was doing at the time. I…

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The First Step To Taking Care Of Yourself Is Knowing Yourself

2020 continues to be a challenge for all of us. In Australia we watch with apprehension as some parts of the country experience a resurgence of cases of Covid-19. Any feelings we may have had that things were returning to normal are being replaced by uncertainty and insecurity. There doesn’t seem to be a respite…

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Getting Tangled Up Managing Unrealistic Expectations

Last week I wrote a blog post ruminating on how Executive Assistants are the human equivalent of a Slinky. Bouncing forward The idea came to me because I had recently delivered a virtual presentation talking about how you as an Executive Assistant need to lead from where you are and not just bounce back but…

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Why Executive Assistants Need To Adopt A Slinky Mindset

The slinky is the perfect metaphor for the way I encourage Executive Assistants that I train, coach and mentor to adapt and adjust to the impacts of Coronavirus. Let me tell you why. The slinky was the accidental innovation of US inventor Richard T. James who was working on a means to suspend sensitive ship-board…

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Climbing The Career Ladder (Or Beanstalk) Millennial Style

I’ve just watched a representation on Millennial Personal Assistants so I could provide feedback to a journalist who’s writing an article on Millennials and the role of the EA/PA. It’s a Netflix movie called “Set It Up”. The first few minutes paint a picture of bosses and Millennial assistants that is simply terrifying. The montage…

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Stepping Into Assertiveness

I released a ‘Being’ episode of the podcast this week that was a road ramble on the topic of male entitlement. Big topic and my contribution is based on an experience I had waiting for an elevator last week. Basically the doors to the lift open and a man was standing in the elevator seemingly…

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